KinectShare FAQ:

In some Kinect-enabled games, you can take take pictures or video of yourself during game play using the Kinect sensor. This is referred to as user generated content. If your Xbox profile is Xbox LIVE enabled and you have Kinect Sharing set to 'Allowed,' some games may allow you to upload content to

After uploading content to, you can sign in to the site using your Windows Live account information. Your content remains on for a limited time, and will automatically be deleted from the site after its retention time has elapsed.

Depending on your age and account settings, you may also use to share content to other social media sites like Facebook.

Why can't I sign in to with my gamertag? uses Windows Live authentication. If you cannot remember what Windows Live account is associated with your gamertag, you can get this information from the Xbox Dashboard. From the main Dashboard menu, select the My Xbox channel. Navigate to your profile, press A, and then navigate to Account Management. The email address under Windows Live ID is your Windows Live account.

How do I share content on Facebook?

If you want to use Facebook to share your content with friends, select the content that you want to share and then click the Facebook button. You will need to login to Facebook and allow the KinectShare application to connect with your Facebook account the first time. If you confirm the sharing of your content, then will copy your content into a photo or video gallery on Facebook. You can manage who can see this content by using your Facebook privacy settings.

Please note that deleting content from does not delete it from Facebook. If you change your mind later, you can go to to delete the content you've shared.

Does deleting my content on delete all copies of that content?

No, deleting content on only removes the content from When you download or share a piece of content to another location or social media site you are creating another copy of that content.

If you want to prevent a piece of content from being seen by other people, you need to either change the privacy settings for that content on the site you shared it to, or delete the content from all sites it was shared to.

How do I delete content that I've shared from to Facebook?

Your content is in your photo or video albums on Facebook. Log in to Facebook and delete the content from those albums.

I deleted my content from Can I get it back?

You cannot recover deleted content from But if you have uploaded your content from your Xbox console, and the content is still on the console, you can upload the content again.